best of Salone Satellite 2008

Working as a stylist for the greek magazine MAISON & DECORATION, I had the opportunity to visit Milan during the Salone del Mobile exhibition. For this reason, I would like to thank my Milan leader..Makis Tsakpinoglou (editor in chief of the greek magazine MAISON & DECORATION) for the “must see” tips of the design week and for his “always welcome” design lessons. I would also like to thank Agapi Tsakpinoglou (publishing director of the greek magazine MAISON & DECORATION), for her awesome design-gift.. I’m more than thankful for their support..

Milan’s Salone del Mobile ranks as the world’s biggest industrial design event with the city taken over by exhibitions, events and parties and I’m going to publish all the honorable mentions of my experience in the city..the following days!

Part of the Salone del Mobile was Salone Satellite , which was held in a space designed specifically for the occasion within the Milan Fairgrounds in Rho and many young talented designers were gearing up for the annual celebration of creativity.

The following selections are some of my favourites from Salone Satellite 2008. A design starter of fresh ideas and conceptual projects.

wall covering elements made by hand by Lorenzo Petrantoni

our biggest fun by ADDI design group

DOT for concept store collection by Aebischer//Chicheriocounter for web pages

forever blanket from BCXSY FOREVER series
food chain from BCXSY FOREVER series

destilled nature vase from BCXSY FOREVER series

golden glory some from BCXSY FOREVER series

Divinity ceiling light by Charlotte Friis

fabrics collection by Fokus Fabric

outlet house by Hommin studio ( 2008 )

candy light by Hommin studio ( 2008 )

bird light and clip trashcan by Hommin studio (2007..but worth for sharing)

Thin Chair ver.5.0 by Jun Hashimoto of Junio Design

Eiger North Light for MRDO by Matthias Ries (In order to experience its’ beautiful golden shimmer, you need to damage something else!)

rattan & metal furniture by Mikiya Kobayashi

Delta by Nicola Enrico Staubli (photo by Rolf Kueng)

os00 series by Onsite studio

branch series by Post Fossil (They absorb branches as branch holders and give the impression that trees are growing out of walls)

George3 console table by Gareth Neal (hidden art)

module130 by Hof437

hof4 by Hof437

hof3 by Hof437

union bench by I do Design

songbird II by Sehwan Oh

Butterfly Light by Vinta

flop, easy folding chair by janis Valdmanis for

bowl by Lina Meier (hidden art)

greenhouse Jantze Brogård Asshoffpeek

peek by Jantze Brogård Asshoffpeek

pico by Mantas Lataitis (photos by Martynas Vilcinskas)

swan by Mantas Lataitis (photos by Martynas Vilcinskas)

Chair-O Space by Paul Loebach

Half Mirror by Paul Loebach

group of Paul Loebach ‘s collection

lime studio collection

Masaru castle by Masaru Ishikawa (mieru)

Outdoor Lampshade by Charlotte Tangye (small factories) (hidden art)

hall stand Nick Fraser (small factories)

Animal Tales by Philipp Nemenz of ding3000’s
jirafa floor lamp by Philipp Nemenz of ding3000’s
tazi sofa inspired by an afghan hound by philipp nemenz of ding3000’s

triskelion by Shigeichiro Takeuchi

5 degree stool by Tomas Alonso for ‘Bric a Brac’ by FAB associates, part of Mo-Billy projects

stamp. disposable / reusable cutlery by Tomas Alonso for ‘Bric a Brac’ by FAB associates, part of Mo-Billy projects

hoist floating hanger system by Oscar Narud for ‘Bric a Brac’ by FAB associates, part of Mo-Billy projects

Raw-Edges_volume_008 by Shay & Yael for ‘Bric a Brac’ by FAB associates, part of Mo-Billy projects

birdland by Roger Arquer for ‘IN/D label’, part of Mo-Billy projects

Anafim, outdoor cutlery by outable collection of d-vision

32 10’37.91’’ N 340 48’07.82’’E by outable collection of d-vision

Grandfather Arthur’s glass by outable collection of d-vision

RUBBAN chair by gauthier poulain

HANABI lazy chair by Yuki Abe for VOW

19 Responses to “best of Salone Satellite 2008”
  1. macfrickins says:

    omg, quite impressing looong post

  2. Danai says:

    Provocatively inspiring!

  3. Fubiz says:

    Amazing selection. Thanks.

  4. nao says:

    Thank you for the post! Interesting and cognitively.

  5. Uros Vitas says:

    Here is some more of Salone Satellite 2008 – Furniture Design


  6. sherry says:

    Couldn’t go to Milan this year…budget cuts. Thanx 4 being my eyes for me. Great pixs.

  7. maks says:

    very nice!!!!

  8. Saul Sherry says:

    More of Gareth’s work on the Hidden Art stand can be seen at

  9. andrea says:

    u missed the design for blind people at salone satellite

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