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    Yesterday while I was overdosing in myspace world, I came across Marianne Maric , a talented french girl who has just made a master in an art school in Nancy, and she is thinking of working as a photographer..stylist..designer…She hasn’t made up her mind yet!! because the border of movie+design+body+architecture+fashion and the relationship between them is one of her aims of life. At the moment she is working on the making of more lamp dresses with the vision of a “defilé”…
    I was really curious to learn more for the great images I saw in her profile with these Lamp girls and I asked her to give me some more informations ..and here they are!


    Marianne Maric for yatzer

    I started photography in 2001, and I’ve been constantly taking pictures of my girl friends and mates. My work shifted gradually from shooting them in sophisticated outdoor settings toward a more tridimensional, sculptural approach to the female body.

    First, I used photography as a way to freeze time ; my friends were losing their identities, with their faces hidden most of the time. They were looking like dislocated dolls, broken toys or sad robots. My mind has now become a sanctuary where these objectified bodies give some of their life back. I imagine them moving slightly, in a sweet, smooth and shy movement. I need to be in full control, to master those objects I have created. Whereas I initially wanted to freeze these living girls, I am now trying to bring to life my motionless creatures again, even to the point where they could possibly free themselves of my bonds.

    I see the world as an endless setting I’m trying to comprehend. I see the human body the same way ; William Klein perceived it as a wonderful and fascinating architecture worthy of being photographed. I used to be afraid of puting life into my pictures and I was destroying them with the tip of my finger. Today though, when I transform a woman into a thing, it always serves the same purpose: allowing me to shape her/it as the subject/object I want her/it to be.

    These “lamp-girls” were first conceived as an illustration of the woman as a thing conveyed by the “entertainment world,” but gradually ascending to a state of consciousness. These photographs were part of a broader vision: once the costume was finished, the “living” model put it on and took place on a white rotating base into a dark room. The public had the choice to turn on or off the lamp, the dress, the girl, the room. I wanted to “immortalize” this moment when a woman become a simple household appliance. That is how these photographs were born.

    + Marianne Maric , pinup badges

    here are some of Marianne’s past works:

    table girl

    cermaic shoes – “vase” for flowers

    drawings you can eat in chocolate

    The lamp girls were part of “Under my skin” show that took place in Paris at Galerie Magda Danysz, curated by Carine Le Malet

    12 JANV – 9 FEV 2008
    Curator : Carine Le Malet

    For the past years the Magda Danysz gallery has been actively promoting video art through monthly video sessions. Now a complete show is dedicated exclusively to this art. Curated by Carine Le Malet (from Le Cube) Under my skin explores the relationship ones has to the body, let it be on the inside or the outside. Beauty, seduction, personnel fears, illness, are all intertwined in a beautiful ballet of images…

    As a logical continuation of the gallery’s will to promote the most contemporary form of creation, the Under my skin show is totally dedicated to video. As the curator of the show Carine Le Malet explores the relationship one has to the body. She also questions the notion of the ideal body, the fantasised body. Everything is about perception in these videos. Stefan Ringelschwandtner is all about the inside, whereas Corine Stübi concentrates on the physical, exterior of the body; but one that is broken. Hendrick Dussolier looks into the face à face confrontation. Seduction and the way we look at each other is also a theme for Yann Gonzalez, Marianne Maric, Élodie Pong and Chloé Tallot.

    Galerie Magda Danysz
    78, rue Amelot, Paris 11 – France
    tel/fax +33 (0) 1 45 83 38 51

    The 8 “Under my skin” artists

    Face – Hendrick Dusollier – France – 5 minutes – 2007 – Installation
    By the kiss – Yann GONZALEZ – France – 5 minutes – 2006
    with Kate Moran
    Music : M83
    Charlene – Elli – Marianne MARIC
    Filles Lampes
    Lamb – Miklos DUDAS – Hungaria – 7 minutes – Super8 – 2004
    Je suis une bombe – Elodie PONG – Switzerland – 6 minutes 12 – 2006
    Scenario : Elodie Pong
    Images : Simon Jaquemet
    Editing : Rafael Sommerhalder
    Music : Michael Hilton
    Actress : Carine Charaire
    No No No – 1minute 24 – 2007
    Sample 3 : To Be or To Be/Fabrice Gorger- at & La Compagnie Jours Tranquilles
    With : Mathylde Demarez
    Music : Stephane Blok et Aurélien Chouzenoux
    Pro Radii – Stefan RINGELSCHWANDTNER – Germany – 2 minutes 45 – 2006
    Music : Autechre
    Zwischen Sehrinde und Mandelkern – Allemagne – 4 minutes – 2007
    Motion Accident Sculpture – Corine STUEBI – Switzerland – 8 minutes – 2007
    Her Dance – Chloé TALLOT – France – video loop- 2007
    (courtesy Galerie Hélène Bailly)
    Portraits : Blandine Algrain, Célia Pilastre, Crystal Shepherd-Cross, Kaïna Tabet, juin 2007
    Music : M83, “Car Chase Terror !” (Before The Dawn Heals Us), Anthony Gonzales
    “Her Dance”, Eric B Young – Save As Document 1 (Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Baumel remix), Written and produced by Er!c B Young, Additional remix by Nuno Dos Santos & Patrice Baumel, Published b

    + Marianne Maric

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    16 Responses to “Marianne Maric and her awesome lamp girls at yatzer”
    1. An interesting piece of fashion-art. It makes me wonder if we should strive to interpret, appreciate the aesthetics or ask the artist to explain their emotional journey. Personally I will appreciate the aesthetics or combining girls with lampshades and interpret it as the idolisation of women for their purity in contradiction to many religious observations. The light truly does shine out of their…

    2. superb work & beautiful lamp girls photos!

    3. Sophis-T-Cat, Aesthete says:

      The work shows a nihilistic and substantially small-minded self-absorption, irreducibly contrived and utterly insignificant. It will be forgotten 2 months from now. Only an infantile mind would create, or appreciate, what can best be described as, well, CRAP!

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