the World House Project

Following the Massive Change project and exhibition, the Institute without Boundaries embarks on their second multi-year collaboration; “to design a sustaining, universal and healthy human dwelling”. This collaborative initiative, titled The World House Project, will explore the evolution of shelter whilst planning for the next generation of holistic housing design.

The ambition of the project is to generate a housing system that achieves a balance between extremes of urban sprawl and urban slums and enables people to build sustaining, universal, and healthy human dwellings and communities. The challenge, they explain, is different depending on location. For example:

In developing countries, over a billion people live in urban slums or in the streets without shelter.

By the year 2030, three billion people in the developing world will need housing.

That’s 96,150 housing units per day.

The project team is currently engaged in research, conceptualization, and testing of theories towards dissecting the complete history of the twelve fundamental systems of housing design, which are a valuable read.

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+ Institute Without Boundaries
+ Massive Change

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2 Responses to “the World House Project”
  1. The population is increasing, or i should more appropriately say multiplying and that’s why with it increases the need to build more homes

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