Yatzer is a global online destination for fine and applied arts.  It comprises an explosion of wholly exclusive and unique contemporary resources for anyone searching for inspiration and the absolute crème de la crème from global media coverage!  Each and every day, Yatzer features captivating far-reaching news stories, interviews and reviews from the creative world, covering spheres such as design, architecture, travel, art, fashion, events etc.  Founded by the Greek interior designer, *Costas Voyatzis [{Vo}Yatzer}], since its initial launch on January 21, 2007, Yatzer has from then on, been acknowledged as one of the most indispensable sources for design inspiration and is now a point of reference  and a much desired forum amongst designers for presenting their work. Yatzer’s traffic has steadily increased by almost 100% year on year, with an average of 350,000 Unique visitors and 1,200,000 Pageviews on a monthly and global basis. We consider it an honour, as well as an official acknowledgement, that in April 2011, the prominent Italian Magazine INTERNI Panorama listed Yatzer amongst the TOP FIVE international design sites.  With thousands of blogs and sites linked in to Yatzer.com, the site also represents a reference point for those who want to acquire an overall idea of what’s happening in the creative and ever-changing world of design.

{ Costas Voyatzis by ilias Tsepas }

*Design is Love + Love is to Share = Design is to Share*
by Costas Voyatzis

*Costas Voyatzis was born in Athens, Greece in 1980, but is an international citizen at heart! After dabbling in an early academic career in Meteorology at the Physics University of Athens, his passion for design prevailed, and he switched his major to Interior Design. In the search for a career to suit his immense curiosity and thirst for design knowledge, Costas worked for a period of seven years for Greece’s leading interior design magazines. In his role as a stylist and trend forecaster, Costas began developing relationships with many international designers and manufacturers, and was soon recognized as unique when it came to his insight concerning the new and the innovative. As more of the design community sought to share his design finds, Costas decided that he needed a platform to combine his loves of graphic design, photography and exclusive design finds! Yatzer was created in January 2007, and his vision of creating a single, high quality source of design information was realised. Costas still personally edits each piece of content published on Yatzer, ensuring that his extraordinary style is ever present alongside the precious support of his extraordinary Team! In April 2011, Costas Voyatzis was named as one of the 100 most influential people in the design industry by French heavyweight Architectural Digest.

Press about Yatzer and its founder Costas Voyatzis can be found here

30 Responses to “about”
  1. Gulli says:

    Beautiful Blog!!! Immediatly fell in Love with all the designy stuff!! Keep in posting :)

  2. zlgdesign says:

    nice work, really clean-

    well done and good luck for the developmet coming your way!


  3. irene says:

    Beautiful blog and so many inspirational finds! Thanks for showing and sharing with us.

  4. midcenturyjo says:

    Just found you. Great blog!! I’ll be coming back for more.

  5. Gems Sty says:

    Stumbled across your site~ good taste of great designs!

  6. vassilios says:

    Great Work Kostas, I love your work ! Keep posting and never stop dreaming and inspiring people…

  7. A great collection of work, well curated. Rooms full of beautiful minds lie behind these creations and remind us that anything is again possible…

  8. KIM says:

    I LOVE the Wing Lounge chair. AMAZING! I’d love to know the price.

  9. I simply love your blog. Keep on the good work! :-) Kind regards, xxxAndréxxx

  10. agapi says:

    its being a long time. I cant even remember when. i dont have to. i feel the passion of creation right here right now. take your time. this is your power. God bless you

  11. the wind beneath my wings
    dedicated to agapi..by heart ( and i really mean it..)

  12. Wow! Pure enchantment! :-) *sigh*

  13. g4graphic says:

    Apla otan eida to videaki “a romantic design proposal” dakjrysa. einai kalo ayto giatre mou?

  14. bettysmile says:

    Very nice blog, thanx a lot for sharing :)

  15. heru says:

    wonderfull blog! very compliment!

  16. Ian Yang says:

    Hello Costas, I’m glad that I ran into your wonderful blog out of the blue, and congrats, ’cause you got another faithful reader! ;)

  17. g4graphic says:

    Ευχαριστώ Κωνσταντίνε! Θα γίνουν και άλλες αλλαγές. Να είναι καλά η Lynda.

  18. Oh..i love those days when you just don’t have anything better to do than to search for random blogs trying to find something interesting to read. And i’m always lucky, today i found your blog and it brightened up my day to the MAX, looking forward to coming back for an evening read :)

  19. Very nice blog! Love it..
    Hope you like my designs.
    Daniela Ktenas

  20. A keen eye and a strong sense of style and design. Keep up the good work- I am proud to be featured in your diary.
    Charlie Strand.

  21. yatzerina says:


  22. Jorge says:

    Very interesant blog, I will be more atent about it since thin moment. HAHAHa

  23. Tom says:

    Loving the blog. Its bookmarked.

  24. Ashlee says:

    Fabulous blog Costas,

    I’ll be visiting frequently!

  25. tracy says:

    great blog. great song on your myspace page!

  26. Kpriss says:

    Thanks to your interest in Kate Moss Hologram I came to know your blog and I find it rather interesting.

    You are always welcomed to my website.


  27. Mira says:

    thanks for good image ♡

  28. Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

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